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"It was probably nothing but it felt like the world."
Morrissey, Autobiography (p. 141)

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"I want my secrets back.
I want my heart back.
I want all the words I
ever wasted on you

You don’t deserve them."
110/365. (via mediocremediocrity)

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"Every time you show your feelings, you apologize. Have you ever had an emotion in your life that you weren’t ashamed of?"
R.J Anderson, Ultraviolet  (via leavemetonguetied)

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"Every instance of heartbreak can teach us powerful lessons about the kind of love we really want."
 Martha Beck (via feellng)
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Getting ready to give me a good fucking

You two are so sexy together, thank you for sharing with us all one again.

Lindsay Lohan, The Canyons (2013)

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